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Above the Dot
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13th-Mar-2012 10:16 pm - hey everyone!
[bb10] renny
how is everyone liking the new season so far?
<<wake up>>
Ke$ha's "The Harold's Song." Adam & Bianca with a slight theme of the seven deadly sins (particularly envy and pride). Enjoy!

14th-Dec-2011 03:49 am - Check-In Post!
(stock) sinner
Right now we're off season but still things have been incredibly dead around here so just a post to see who's still stirring on these cold winter nights. Off-topic or on-topic discussion post!
8th-Aug-2011 11:17 pm - 9 icons
[bb10] renny
[9] Degrassi
[16] Misfits
[5] Skins
[7] Teen Wolf
[5] Victoria Justice + [1] Cast
[13] Stock

here at personalvictory
8th-Aug-2011 01:28 am - We R Panthers: A DTNG Roleplay
A Degrassi: The Next Generation Roleplay Community

The Rules. The Characters. The Application.

Characters which are open and come on a first come, first serve basis. Hope to see you there!
{degrassi} d&f; fuck taboos
through the chaos, making sense by finkpishnets
Degrassi: TNG | Declan/Fiona | R | ~2,189
They’re Hansel and Gretel except she’s the one in the cage. The decision to set her free has always been his.

A/N: Future!fic. I haven't watched the show in a while, though I know a little about Fiona's story lines so I've tried to at least nod at canon. Inspired by the mix I made yesterday, we all have a story to tell (this is mine), particularly Don't Stop Swaying.
{fringe} lincoln; time after time
title: we all have a story to tell (this is mine)
fandom: degrassi: tng
pairing: declan/fiona
warnings: incest
notes: I haven't watched the show in ages, but today I was remembering how much I love these two and then, inevitably, this happened.

here @ ivoryandgold
24th-Jul-2011 07:19 pm - love me | bianca desousa
(stock) sinner

Stephen Jerzak's "She Said (ft. Leighton Meester).
22nd-Jul-2011 02:35 pm - 10 icons
[bb10] renny
[10] Degrassi
[11] Teen Wolf
[3] Todd and the Book of Pure Evil

here at personalvictory
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